About Us


Our origins

Between insular internet groups and allegations of fake news, the United States is not so united. Our political beliefs have become a representation of our moral values, making it increasingly difficult to engage in real conversation with people who disagree with us. But if we can't speak within the same moral framework as those who hold different political viewpoints, how will we ever engage?  

Enter Bridge the Media

Political conversations can be guided like negotiations; through mutual understanding, we can come to well-informed conclusions. We built Bridge the Media to encourage citizens to be more informed participants in American democracy, and we do this by providing them with a far richer picture of relevant political issues online. From the comfort of the viewer's current reading routine, Bridge the Media will recommend an article on a similar topic from a contrary angle.

How it works

Our Google Chrome Extension is powered by a non-partisan recommendation algorithm that works to broaden users’ news intake. When you click the Bridge the Media icon next to a headline, a box appears recommending an article from a contrary angle. Our algorithm matches inverse levels of bias with equivalent levels of reliability in order to uphold the reputation and trust of our tool. In our research, we have aimed to approach each publication with as little bias as possible, taking into account human error.

Because bias and reliability can be interpreted in various manners, we have fleshed out the details of our approach to share with you. We’re committed to transparency and think it’s important for Bridge the Media users to understand why we drew the conclusions that we did. Read more about our algorithm here.